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Nelly is set to release a movie based off his controversial “Tip Drill” video.

The St. Louis rapper who’s working on a fitness DVD and radio show, is revealing his plans for his new movie and shunning people who criticized him for the video’s racy message.

He tells VladTV that he’s moved past the criticism he got for the video and questions people who accuse him of degrading women.

“What did I do wrong? I asked everybody that who didn’t like it…it may not have been within your taste but what did I really do wrong?…How did I degrade a female who suggested that I do it? How did I do that to someone who agreed to have someone do that to them…why wouldn’t you go to them and ask her?”

He also touched on arguably the most controversial part of the video where he swiped a credit card in between a woman’s behind.

He tells VladTV,

“This is my thing, you say something about the video…the credit card swipe came at the end of the video. You watched the whole f*cking video not being appalled and then the credit card swipe, “Oh my god what did he do?” You watched the whole five minute video!”

According to Nelly, a number of people were unaware that the director of BET Uncut, where the video was aired, was a woman. He also adds that Ray Buchanan’s wife allowed him to film it at her house and now a new movie is in the works.

“The director of BET Uncut was a female who loved the song because it was the number 1 rated show outside of 106 & Park…I have more women liking Tip Drill than anything. When we shot the video…the wife was insist that we shot at the house…Ray Buchanan’s  wife got us booked to use the house…the whole video was catered and celebrated by women and then the guy who did it got sh*tted on…….We talking about doing Tip Drill the movie…we got something. It’s not like that but it’s along those lines…but we’re coming up with something creative.”


Rapper/Actor 50 Cent has reportedly negotiated a $200 million dollar agreement with Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate to release a series of ten films.

Curtis Jackson, Randall Emmett’s Cheetah Vision, and George Furla’s Hedge Fund Film Partners are teaming on a 10-picture deal that’s backed by a $200 million fund. Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate will release the films.

First film under the deal is entitled “Set Up,” which was written and directed by Mike Gunther. Paul Walker is in talks to star opposite Jackson in the heist action movie, which begins shooting next month and is budgeted at $20 million.

Cheetah Vision’s Emmett also spoke on his confidence toward working with 50.

“The thing about ’50 Cent’ is that, just like in his music career, he isn’t someone who sits around and waits for things to get done. He came to me and said, ‘How do we move quicker on projects?’ With this new fund, we are able to do that.”


It seems that there is trouble in Hollywood, as Will Smith’s upcoming flick Men In Black 3 has been brought to a standstill with a rumored clashing between Will and the producers.

According to The New York Post, the movie had been in pre-production around various locations in New York, but due toclashes between Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld, shooting on Men in Black 3 has come to halt.

Although it’s a “rumor” most speculate that will and the director were butting heads together and arguing over the script of the third installment.

Sony Pictures denied the allegations in The New York Post and stated the delays were because of recent changes to New York state movie incentives.

“The only reason production will begin in mid-November as opposed to late October is to take advantage of recent changes affecting New York State film incentives,” a rep for Sony said in a statement. Suggesting that a disagreement triggered the shift is complete fiction.”

Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld have successfully worked together with many other movies including the first two movies of the 3 movie series.


Cincinnati Bengals players Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco will harbor even more air time now that the pair is set to debut their cable talk show.

Titled “The T.Ocho Show”, the talk show debuts today on Venus sports network and is said to cover “some of the most pressing issues of our time” including whether Sarah Palin should pose for Playboy and the topic of overweight NFL coaches.

Speaking on the show with his good friend and teammate, T.O. tells the Associated Press,

“With the two of us, I don’t really think you can really get enough of us.”

Topics on the show are set to range from sports and entertainment to social topics.

“The T.Ocho Show” premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST.


The American Music Award nominations have just been announced and Eminem leads the race this year with five nominations

Eminem is representing Hip-Hop in a big way this year with his five nominations, which is the most any Hip-Hop artist has been nominated for.

Rapper B.O.B will be also representing Hip-Hop with his three nominations and Usher with the help of Nicki Minajwill have three as well.

You can vote for your favorites until Nov. 12. And make sure to watch the American Music Award show on Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. on ABC.



ESPN Films has announced that they will feature a documentary surrounding the night that Tupac was murdered in Las Vegas.

The documentary entitled “One Night in Vegas” will highlight the night of September 7th, 1996, the evening Tupac Shakur attended theMike Tyson Vs. Bruce Seldon fight.

The documentary also plans to showcase the friendship between Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur, who were supposed to attend the after party together to celebrate Tyson’s first round “knockout” of Bruce Seldon.

“One Night in Vegas”, which is a part of ESPN’s popular 30 for 30 series, was directed by Reggie “Rock” Bythewood (Notorious)with Mike Tyson’s full cooperation.

The series features stories on sports legends and their rise to fame. This season will also feature the stories on legends Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova (Unmatched), George M. Steinbrenner (The House of Steinbrenner) and Steve Nash (Into the Wind).

ESPN has tapped filmmakers like Ron Shelton, John Singleton, Steve Nash and Alex Gibney to create the Fall series of 30 for 30.

The documentary is scheduled to air on the 14-year anniversary of Tupac’s shooting, September 7, 2010.


Rapper T. I. recently gave back to the Atlanta community and awarded the young attendees of his event Camp K.I.N.G. with laptops.

The event, which T.I. created to empower and uplift urban youth, was a summer camp dedicated to molding youth into future leaders.  After completing the camp, all of the attendees were given a certificate as well as a laptop.

T.I. , along with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed also gave a recent speech at the ceremony where he spoke to the young audience and reminded them of the importance of hard work, and encouraged them to maintain a positive work ethic throughout their life.

“The work that you do right now, the results aren’t always seen immediately, but it will pay off in the end,” T.I. stressed to the audience.

After surprising them with the laptop, he added that the laptops weren’t a gift, but instead a reward for their hard work and dedication.

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50 Cent Appears On The View

50 Cent appeared on The View today and discussed his dramatic weight loss for his acting career and discusses his new movie“Twelve” and the removing of his tattoos.

Side note:  White people stop saying “Fiddy.”


Damon Dash’s Tribeca Loft is going to foreclosure.

Damon Dash has had a lot of trouble ever since his split with Jay-Z, and things don’t appear to be getting better anytime soon for the once Hip-Hop Mogul. Damon has stopped paying his ridiculous $78,504.20-per-month mortgage payment, and is now abut to go through foreclosure on the loft.

Bought for around 3 million, Dash a few years back tried to sell it for 7 million, hoping to sell the loft while also to pay back some of his debt. The auction will take place tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. as one lucky buyer will become the owner to the Dash estate.

The listing for the loft states:

“This stunning 5,200 SF duplex loft boasts 20 foot ceilings in the living room, 4 bedrooms and 4 baths on TriBeCas best block. Add huge windows facing north and south, a mint kitchen and luxurious bathrooms, it leaves nothing to be desired. Located in the preeminent full service doorman building, the Atalanta, Must be seen!!”


Rapper Wale, was recently let off the chain by Baltimore officials, who threatened legal action for the DC native’s use of profanity.

We previously reported that the DC native rapper was under fire for cursing during his performance during Baltimore’s Artscape Festival.

Bill Gilmore,  the director of the festival, was shocked by the rappers language claiming that,

“He is not known to do that kind of performance. We were pretty much caught off-guard.”

Gilmore also revealed that performers for the festival are paid in advance and it is not possible to revoke the payment.

After the threat of legal action, the rapper expressed his disdain via twitter tweeting that :

“I keep hearing stuff bout me cursing at the artscape, like I’m banned from there.”

However, Gilmore did confirm that the city does not intend to pursue any type of legal action regarding Wale’s use of profanity.