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Rapper Wale Escapes Legal Action From The City Of Baltimore

Rapper Wale, was recently let off the chain by Baltimore officials, who threatened legal action for the DC native’s use of profanity.

We previously reported that the DC native rapper was under fire for cursing during his performance during Baltimore’s Artscape Festival.

Bill Gilmore,  the director of the festival, was shocked by the rappers language claiming that,

“He is not known to do that kind of performance. We were pretty much caught off-guard.”

Gilmore also revealed that performers for the festival are paid in advance and it is not possible to revoke the payment.

After the threat of legal action, the rapper expressed his disdain via twitter tweeting that :

“I keep hearing stuff bout me cursing at the artscape, like I’m banned from there.”

However, Gilmore did confirm that the city does not intend to pursue any type of legal action regarding Wale’s use of profanity.


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