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Master P Says Shyne Should Stop Rapping, Look Into Acting

Percy Miller, the man formerly known as Master P, is voicing his opinion on Shyne who’s garnered criticism for his recent onslaught of new music.

Master P is offering advice to the now deported rapper who spent nearly ten years in jail after an infamous 1999 club shooting.

According to P instead of making music, Shyne should focus on other opportunities outside of Hip-Hop and disassociate himself with any negative people that could lead him back to a life behind bars.

He tells ForbezDVD that Shyne should;

“Look at his resources and what got him into the situation in the first place…disassociate himself with any negativity…any people that’s negative. He got a second chance at life I think he should make the best of it.”

P also lends more advice to Po, saying that sales are ailing in Hip-Hop and at Shyne’s age, he should broaden his horizons.

“Start associating himself with people that could help build his career outside of Hip-Hop because he’s getting older now and he’s got a real short time frame.  Hip-Hop’s at an all-time low right now to where he’s not really selling that many records. He should get into TV, other opportunities…he could utilize his celebrity status to get into something else…not just live for Hip-Hop.”

Miller is not one to hold his tongue and previously criticized Lil Wayne for not rooting for the Saints in the Super Bowl and for the endless streams of tattoos on his body.

Likewise, P was recently criticized himself by his brother C-Murder who’s currently serving a life sentence for murder and says he thinks P is sabotaging his chances of winning an appeal

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