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Texas Man Claiming To Be African Prince And Doctor Sentenced After Knowingly Spreading HIV

A Texas man has pleaded guilty after facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, only his weapon was his penis.

Nathaniel Tumbwe was sentenced to 15-years after prosecutors say he knowingly had unprotected sex with two women and withholding the fact that he was suffering from HIV.

Tumbwe who was standing trial for two separate incidents, is accused of raping one of the women because of his ailing health status. Tumbwe – who refers to himself as a doctor, a reverend and a Zambian prince – also pleaded guilty to a pending case for transmitting HIV to another woman during consensual sex while in a relationship.

Nathaniel Tumbwe, who has said he is an African prince and a doctor, had unprotected sex with a fellow elder at a Dallas megachurch in 2008, knowing he was HIV positive. She did not learn his HIV status until weeks later.

Tumbwe agreed to a 15-year sentence, dodging a possible life term if prosecutors had pursued a second charge of aggravated assault.

He will be deported to his native Zambia at the conclusion of his sentence. His victim is not HIV positive but must be tested annually for 10 years.


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