Mike Tyson visits Peterborough match, isn’t sure what that is

By Brooks Peck

Mike Tyson made a surprise appearance at halftime of League One side Peterborough’s preseason friendly against West Ham and if you find that premise confusing, don’t worry — Mike wasn’t so sure what was going on either.

Looking slimmed down and healthier, Tyson, who became a vegan this year, has been hanging out in Peterborough, England, over the last few days. He made the news by dropping by a curry house and has been endearing himself to the locals. It just seems no one told him much about its football club before taking him around for a visit.

From the Telegraph:

Tyson, who was in Peterborough to appear at a special ‘Evening With Mike Tyson’ on Thursday, came on the pitch at halftime and spoke to the crowd.

And the former heavyweight world champion did not exactly endear himself to the Peterborough supporters, by admitting that he had not heard of their club before.

“I’ve never heard of Peterborough before but as soon as I heard it was West Ham I thought, we’ve got to really give it to them,” Tyson said.

Well, at least he was honest. But don’t let his reference to the club as “we” get your hopes up. He did not, in fact, run out onto the pitch in the second half and lay out West Ham’s XI with a devastating series of uppercuts, even though he was wearing a personalized Posh shirt. And that might be why Peterborough lost 2-1.


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